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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tamsen Loves Lia Sophia!
A lot of you have been asking where I get my jewelry...well I have only 2 words: Lia Sophia
Lia Sophia is an amazing company that is definitely making things happen for women all over! I love their mission and I love their designs!
Thanks for noticing...and for more info check out their website!
The Life Of a Boxing Ring Girl!
Okay, this is one of those things that you wonder if you can do, and today I found out it's possible...even if only for a few moments! Ever wanted to be a boxing ring girl? Well, I got my chance to do it...with Tony Danza watching live! Check it out on the PIX Morning News in my Totally Tamsen Segment
For more on Nicole Young's awesome dresses: www.nicoleyoungstyle.com
If you are looking to get in shape for the summer, look no further! Sometimes I have a hard time getting to the gym, so this is a totally motivational way to do it---knowing it's just 15 minutes a day! Yes, you heard me right, 15 mintues! Yay!!!!
Thanks Sal!
Check out Tamsen's Video
For more on Sal Forza:

It Girl Tracy Stern is the Tea Hostess of NYC and she has just opened an awesome new tea bar on the Upper East Side called Tracy Stern Salon Tea! It's a must visit! It love this place, whether you want to hang out with the girls or stop in with your "lover" for a taste of her Lover Tea Blend! It's a Totally Tamsen must do! www.WPIX.com/TotallyTamsen
Plus, look for Tracy's newest book that will hit book stores in April!