PIX11 Anchor Tamsen Fadal

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Tamsen Fadal wants you to join foursquare!

Tamsen wants you to sign up for foursquare. You should give it a try! foursquare helps you meet up with friends and discover new places nearby. As your friends check in to places, your phone will buzz with messages like this:

Tamsen F. is @ Ace Bar (5th Street, btw Ave A & Ave B). Swing by and say hi!

when you check in to bars, restaurants, museums, we'll pop up tips like this:

Since you're so close to Ace Bar, Tamsen F. says: Don't miss the skeeball machine in the back. Break 400 and the bartender will buy you a drink!

We'd love to have you using foursquare. To learn more, watch this video.

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